J.B. is a “Licensed Clinical Social Worker” in the state of North Carolina Social Work Certification & Licensure Board. Holding a Bachelor’s in social work and Master’s degree in Social Work both from University of North Carolina at Charlotte and co-founded Christ Centered Community Counseling PLLC, also known as C4. He completed a residency at the Barnabas Center for biblical counseling. J.B. is a trauma therapist that specializes in Christ-centered mental health, post trauma stress disorder, community resilience, and addictions. He managed the Michael Jordan Family Medical clinic and Movement Family Wellness Center powered by Novant until he resigned to go full time at C4 the company he Co-founded. JB is a trauma therapist that also works with individuals with ADHD, family problems, issues of faith, Individual challenges, career purpose, depression, marriage problems, anxiety, adolescent, divorce, grief, stress, domestic violence, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and conflict resolution. His greatest accomplishment consists of gaining a wonderful spouse of about 18 years-Melinda Bell and their four beautiful children (Amalia, Meliah, DeJuan, & Josiah).